16 Fun Summer Activities to Do with Mom Friends (and the Kiddos)

Mom friends, check.

Babies and kids, check.

Warm weather, check. (finally!!!)

Now, what to do….

For some moms it can be awkward meeting mom friends. And once you finally start to build your local network, someone has to come to the table with things to do and initiate a plan. It’s time to get active and get social. And with summertime right around the corner, we decided we’d give you a little boost in the right direction. To help you out, we threw together some activities that are ideal to plan for with other moms near you. So grab the sunscreen, throw aside your cabin fever and get ready for some summer fun mamas…

1. Hit the Local Museum: There are SO many museums and most of them are super family friendly. Pack a lunch or plan to swing by a family-friendly restaurant after. Pro Tip: Check out Groupon and other deal sites for admission savings. Also, some town libraries have stashes of tickets that they can sell at a lower rate to locals (score).

2. Walk to the Park: Why just go to a park or go for a walk? Why not do both? This is the perfect activity for moms with toddlers and older children. Plan your walking route to pass a fun park where the kids can get out and play for a bit. Pro Tip: stock up on popsicles… when it comes time to leave the park, it will give your little ones something exciting to focus on until they get home.

3. The Movies: For the newbie moms, you might just luck out and have a theater near you that hosts mommy and me movie times. And for moms of toddlers and older children, plan for a movie at your place! Prep your living room with pillows and blankets and order the newest kids flick from RedBox or Netflix. While the kiddos get lost in the movie, you and your mom friends can hang out in the next room. Pro Tip: Prep popcorn and/or other movie snacks to make it feel like a real movie theater.

4. Lunch Date: Just because you have kids, doesn’t mean you can’t go out to lunch. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve experienced the tantrums and other major restaurant #fails with kids, but I say it’s still totally worth a shot. And who better to take a chance with than another mom who obviously gets it. Pro Tip: Have a backup plan in place, should one of the kids flip out. Pro Tip: Go somewhere loud and family friendly.

5. House/Backyard Playdates: This is the cheapest way to play. Depending on the weather, invite your mom friends and their kids over for a good old fashion indoor or outdoor playdate. Pro Tip: once in a while, plan ahead with a fun activity for the kids. Ideas: fingerpainting, sidewalk chalk, kid pool.

6. Wine and Play Social: Best for a Friday or Saturday afternoon when everyone is ready to unwind after a long weekend. Invite your mom friends to come over for a playdate where they can really kick up their feet and relax. Tip: Buy or have one of your mom friends bring along some cheese, crackers, and fruit.

7. Drop and Play: For those rainy summer days, find an indoor play center. While the kids run around and have the time of their lives, you can kick back with your mom friend and catch up on some much needed adult conversation. A win win.

8. Storytime: Depending on where you live, there is a good chance you can find a local storytime. Most libraries offer this, as well as some local farms and other family friendly organizations.

9. Bonfires: This is my absolute favorite pick. What better way to spend a weeknight? Order up the makings for some smores, drag out the cooler filled with kid and adult drinks, send the kiddos hunting for the perfect marshmellow roasting sticks, pull out the lawn chairs and cue up a fire. TIP: if your mom friends have babies, tell them to bring and setup their pack n’ plays inside so they can put the little one/ones down and continue to hang out.

10. Backyard BBQs: Why stay inside? Throw on your George Foreman apron, order up some burgers and hot dogs and schedule a backyard BBQ playdate. A few tips: this is a perfect event for some fun music (if it were my house, you’d hear reggae music blaring in the background), pull out the kid pool or slip n’ slide, maybe throw together a fun kid and adult lemonade drinks.

11. The Pool: Find the nearest public pool, or if you have one, invite your mom friends over for an afternoon pool party. Make sure to check out our summer swim safety post first!

12. The Beach: What kid doesn’t LOVE the beach. Talk about a destination that works for just about every age group. Whether it’s your local lake or salt water shore, this is the perfect place to meet moms near you.

13. The Zoo: Plan for an all day or half day local zoo excursion. If you don’t have a major zoo near you, try to find a local farm or petting zoo.

14. Water Park: I still remember going to water parks as a kid. SO MUCH FUN. This is obviously best for older kids. Pro Tip: Pack a lunch to save money.

15. Splash and Play: I am seeing more and more of these. What is it? Simply a bunch of sprinklers that shoot up in the air that little kids can run through. We have them here in Boston and I’ve seen them in a few other major cities. A great free activity that will literally make your toddler beam with joy. Pro Tip: Pack an extra set of clothes and maybe some skid free water shoes depending on the spot.

16. A Boat Ride: If you live near the ocean this is probably easier to find, but some rivers and lakes have boat rides/tours as well. Pro Tip: Depending on the area, you might want to plan this for a day that is not too hot, unless of course there is a place to swim after.

Any moms out there have other fun summer activities? We’d love to hear them!!!

P.S. Don’t miss our local events slash mom social feature that will be rolling out ANY day now… Really, it’s going to be AH-MAZING.





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