15 Cute and Creative Halloween Costumes for Kids

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In the past we’ve tackled inappropriate Halloween costumes for kids – but now for a chaser, we wanted to post some absolutely adorable and amazing costumes for little ones and not so little ones:

1. The easy DIY octopus costume – awesome for the non-walker:

2. Ghostbusters… perfect for the whole fam:

3. Air your kids dirty laundry:

4. We love this kids fox costume because it’s ACTUALLY WARM:

5. Charlie Brown:

6. Rocket costumes (DIY or store-bought):

7. This Halloween costume is raining cats and dogs:

8. No description necessary:

9. Love this sweet ice cream man costume:

10. Sweet Halloween costumes for a special girl:

11. See a penny:

12. The classic UP costume:

13. DIY snail:

14. A DIY Medusa:

15. The Eiffel Tower:

Are you DIYing your kids Halloween costumes? Let’s hear your best ideas!



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